O.P.A. [A JLD rant!]

Get ready for a little JLD rant coming at ya LIVE!

I will be the first to admit…I spend WAY too much time in my inbox. Why is this an issue?

Your inbox is O.P.A.

Other Peoples Agenda.
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The Top 5 Entrepreneur and Business Podcasts of 2015

I love listening to Podcasts. Every morning on my 35-minute power-walk, you better believe earbuds and iPods are involved.

I also love producing Podcasts & have been doing so for over 1000 episodes! If YOU have any interest in creating YOUR Podcast, take my Free Podcast Course!

As the founder and host of EntrepreneurOnFire, I am going to take myself out of the running for top Entrepreneur and Business Podcasts of 2015, but I am going to be a good little Entrepreneur and give EntrepreneurOnFire an honorable mention.
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The Webinar Contest

If you want to run webinars for your business but you don’t know where to start and feel completely lost, then you are on the right place. As you can see from these income reports, webinars are the main revenue generator for EntrepreneurOnFire and rest assure you will learn all that you need about webinars right here. It’s crucial to know your audience, have a niche and do proper research, the same concepts discussed in episode 2 with Pat Flynn apply for webinars.
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Paradise Doors are OPEN!

After being closed for a month, the doors to Podcasters’ Paradise are officially OPEN! There are a lot of things we’ve learned growing Podcasters’ Paradise from 0 to over 2400 members. I will share those lessons learned below, but first, let’s focus on the present! Paradise is OPEN and boy oh boy are we excited!

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Why we FAIL

Failing is NO FUN

So why do Entrepreneurs fail and fail and fail? The simple answer? We don’t LEARN from those who have failed before us. I’ve failed and will continue to fail. I’ve had MAJOR wins and will continue to win.
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Podcasters’ Paradise closing the doors

True story.

(full video explanation below)
Podcasters’ Paradise is the #1 Podcasting community in the world for a reason. Kate and I have worked INCREDIBLY hard over the last 18 months to continuously improve every facet of Podcasters’ Paradise. With over 2,200 members, Paradise has become a MASSIVE community of Podcasters who are COMMITTED to supporting and guiding each other on this amazing journey we have all chosen.

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How to set up your Blog in minutes!

Ready to get your WordPress site up and running in minutes? Follow the steps below and you’ll be off to the races!

Step #1:

Click Here To Set Up Your Hosting Account & Aquire or Transfer Your Domain…

Your hosting account is where your website will be hosted and your domain is your website’s URL (EOFire.com is mine).

My #1 hosting recommendation is Bluehost because:

  1. They are a proven hosting company.
  2. Their customer support is great and they are located in the USA.
  3. As a VIP partner of Bluehost, you qualify for the lowest rates offered!

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