The EOFire Journey


According to Merriam-Webster, a journey is “something suggesting travel or passage from one place to another.

We talk about the entrepreneurial journey here at EntrepreneurOnFire often – on the podcast, the blog and every now and then in our weekly newsletter. The reason we talk about it so much is due to the significance of it – how important it is to truly embrace your journey, and most importantly, to make it your own.

It is throughout your journey that you continually create who you are and what your business will become.

The mistakes made, the lessons learned and the successes celebrated are all an important part of your journey, each of them signifying an event that – had it not happened – would have changed your course.

We’ve found that one of the best things you can do as an entrepreneur is take time to reflect on your journey – to recount those mistakes, lessons learned and the successes celebrated, and then share them with others so that you’re continuously improving yourself while also helping those around you do the same.

Because without our journey, we have nothing to share – no experiences or knowledge to help guide us and those around us.

We’ve been taking this idea of reflecting to a whole new level since we started releasing our monthly income reports. In taking the time to reflect on a month’s worth of work and then writing it all down, we’ve not only learned a ton from looking back at our own mistakes and successes, but we’ve also discovered that it’s a great way to share those moments with you.

An example of a recent lesson learned for us here at EOFire:

There are no overnight successes

How did you build all of this so fast?! It’s like it happened overnight! << We get this a lot.

It wasn’t until I was doing an interview on another podcast and received agasp! from my interviewer when he found out that Podcasters’ Paradise wasn’t a home run on our first up to bat, that I realized there is a lot John and I talk about that you may not have heard yet.

John and I are both incredibly grateful for the success that EntrepreneurOnFire has seen thus far; however, it wasn’t without struggles, failures and a ton of hard work that we got to where we are today (and today is only the beginning).

This is a big part of why embracing your journey, and reflecting on it often is important. In doing this, we’re able to share these struggles, failures and all the hard work that goes into creating and maintaing EntrepreneurOnFire.

Sure, we love to celebrate our successes, like the launch and continued growth of Podcasters’ Paradise, and the incredible audience we’ve built with Fire Nation.

But neither of these communities just suddenly appeared.

Just like our sponsors, our mastermind, and our other products and services didn’t just suddenly appear.

I know it’s easy to read an article, or take a look at a number, and think, “Wow – they just happened to land that the first time – over and over again!

Have you ever heard the story about how John and I failed twice before we came up with the idea to launch Podcasters’ Paradise? Yep – fell flat on our face with two other ideas before Paradise was born.

Did you know that John’s very first product was an eBook, Podcast Launch: How to Launch a Podcast, and that he didn’t even create that until he had been head down working on building his platform, his audience, and the podcast for 9 whole months?

You know our mastermind Tribe we call Fire Nation Elite? John started brainstorming the idea of creating a mastermind in November of 2012. That’s over 8 months before we actually launched Fire Nation Elite.

There is nothing more important than the realization that things don’t just happen overnight. I sat behind a desk on the 13th floor of a high rise building in downtown San Diego for nearly 4 years before I truly learned that lesson.

Nothing will happen unless you take action and create it, and creating it is a process, not a single event.

Because our income reports are focused on our lessons learned each month, we thought it would be cool to gather up some of the most integral steps we’ve taken, along with some of the most exciting milestones we’ve hit that have helped bring EntrepreneurOnFire to where it is today.

Thanks to Aaron Fifield from OneDeepDesign, we’ve not only gathered all the info, but we’ve also created this infographic as a visual representation of some of the major milestones we’ve hit throughout our journey – and how long it took us to go from just having an idea, to actually running  a successful business.

Our journey to inspiring millions

A huge shout out to Aaron, and a big thanks to Fire Nation for helping make our journey what it has been, and what it will continue to be.

EntrepreneurOnFire journey


Click here to view the #EOFireJourney infographic in a new window!

This post was written by Kate Erickson, Content Creator and Community Manager for EntrepreneurOnFire. Ready to connect? Twitter | Facebook | Google+

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  • Matt Johnson

    Love this graphic John! Wonderful representation of the progression, plus you battling the shark is priceless! The only thing you should have added was the receipt of that amazing EOF sign that welder made for you.

    • John Lee Dumas

      ha! so true! But the receipt would have said $0…twas a gift :-)

    • Kate Erickson

      Great add, Matt! It’s definitely a milestone that we look upon fondly, which is why it’s hanging in our doorway :)

  • Michelle Wright

    So cool. I love you are walking the walk of “enjoying the ride,” as John used to say often in the earlier shows. People often do a retrospective after 10 years or so, but I love that you are doing it after just over a year and a half. One thing that sticks out in this infographic is how much WORK you put in — The coach you hired, the events you attended, the products and offerings you put out in close succession, etc. I also thank you for including the fact that your downloads dropped 60% after you were on longer on New & Noteworthy in iTunes. Brings home how key that positioingn is and also shows everything didn’t go perfectly for you all the time. Being financially successful comes at a price. This shows it in a fun, positive way. Thanks for sharing it!

    • Kate Erickson

      Thank you Michelle! That was our goal with the infographic: to show the investments made (whether they be financial or time-based), the drive and passion behind the podcast from day 0, and the incredible ups and downs that come with being a business owner/podcast host. It’s been a wild journey thus far, and we can’t wait to see what comes next :)

  • Mary Kathryn Johnson

    What an amazing journey in a relatively short time, John! It clearly shows how perseverance, tenacity and F.O.C.U.S. allow you to almost exponentially build upon the work done before.

    I am very excited to see which path you both take next….I’m hanging on for the ride, and can’t wait for the next mountain you climb! Let me know how, in any small way, I can help spread the word, and help you up that rocky, exhilarating trail.

    Thanks so much for allowing all of us to ride along with you!

    • Kate Erickson

      Thanks for this Mary Kathryn :) As always, thank you so much for your support!

      • Mary Kathryn Johnson

        Welcome Home! Hope the trip was beyond your wildest dreams!

  • Jon |

    Thanks so much for publishing this. I have be curious about the story and timeline of EOF. You guys have done a truly amazing job growing your brand.

    • Kate Erickson

      Thank you so much Jon! Glad this was helpful!

  • Pauline Cabrera

    You’re amazing John. I’ve always admired your work. I love how you are so passionate about what you do. Keep up the good work!! Happy 2nd BDAY :-)

    • Kate Erickson

      Thank you so much Pauline :)

  • Dan Norris

    Happy birthday guys. Inspiring as always.

    • Kate Erickson

      Thank you so much Dan! Hard to believe it’s already been 2 years!

  • Glen Smyth

    Happy Birthday John and Kate and Congratulations! Really looking forward to speaking with you this week…your journey is so inspiring!

    • Kate Erickson

      Thank you Glen! We’re looking forward to that as well :)

  • Laura Coe

    congratulations! Really well put and I enjoyed my time working with you. hope you are doing well!

    • Kate Erickson

      Thank you so much Laura! It’s been such a pleasure getting to know you more and being able to feature you on!

      • Laura Coe

        Thanks Kate! Would love to work together again – Congratulations on creating such a successful company

  • Justin Williams

    Happy 2nd B-Day! Congrats on an incredible journey thus far!

    • Kate Erickson

      Thanks Justin! We appreciate you!

  • Maritza Parra

    Happy birthday!! Love the infographic of your inspiring and well-deserved journey!

    • Kate Erickson

      Thank you Maritza! Aaron is amazing when it comes to infographics – absolutely blown away by his talent! We appreciate your support very much :)

  • Brad Wachter

    Great work guys! Makes me wonder what things will look like on your 3rd Birthday. Any goals you are willing to share?

    • Kate Erickson

      Hi Brad! Thanks so much for this! Wow – great question about our 3rd birthday and any goals we have for the next year :) I will say that you have not seen or heard the last of The Fire Path… Still working out what that looks like, but keep an eye out!

  • Ricardo “Eric” Remias

    Happy Birthday! Congrats and thanks for always sharing with us.

    • Kate Erickson

      Thank you so much Eric for your ongoing support!

  • Josh Kercher

    Thanks @JohnLeeDumas:disqus & @katelerickson:disqus! You guys have been a great inspiration for me to move from my completely tied down-no free time brick & mortar existence to venturing into the online community to share my message. I first heard you on Pat Flynn’s podcast and decided to tag along in your journey. I’m so happy for you both and wish you continued success. I look forward to doing some interviews together eventually ; )

    • Kate Erickson

      Thank you so much Josh!! We so very much appreciate your kind words, and could not be more stoked with your venture into the online space :) Kudos!! Look forward to continuing to be a part of your amazing journey!

  • Taha Marabani

    Congratulations guys. Your journey has provided me with so much inspiration and desire to launch my own podcast. Looking forward to whats coming ahead

    • Kate Erickson

      Thanks Taha! You rock, and we can’t wait to hear YOUR podcast live!

  • Kieran McDonogh

    Incredible journey guys. You show this online world how it can be done the “right” way, and your people reward you for your efforts. You results are nothing short of outstanding. Super proud of you John and Kate – thanks for everything you do with EOF and all that falls under that umbrella!!

    • Kate Erickson

      Thank you so much for this Kieran! We sincerely appreciate you and all the support you’ve shown EntrepreneurOnFire over these past 2 years. We couldn’t have done it without you and every other member of Fire Nation!

  • Mike Mutzel

    Love this @JohnLeeDumas:disqus &@katelerickson:disqus. Great timeline of success and huge milestones.

    • Kate Erickson

      Thank you Mike!

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