Weekly Bonfire: S’mores anyone?

Fire Nation, welcome to this week’s bonfire!

I mentioned s’mores in the headline because that’s one the MANY things I love about bonfires – and also something you really can’t have anywhere other than when you’re at a bonfire. I tried cooking a s’more on the stove top before, and … well – don’t do it.

A disclaimer: for some reason I was really into lists this week (but they’re good ones – I promise)!

If you’re not quite a pro at how this all works just yet, let me break it down real quick:

Our weekly bonfire is going to feature some great articles and posts that we’ve found throughout the week. We’ll do a mini review of each of them, and this way you’ll be able to check out the ones that might be of interest to you, and not waste your time on the rest.

With so much noise, information and knowledge out there, sometimes it’s difficult to keep up. You end up becoming distracted by things you shouldn’t be giving any of your time to – but you don’t realize until it’s too late. We’re here to help with that…

So get in close, and get ready to light it up!

Twitter Tests Analytics Features For Users

Not into analytics? Lucky for you, Seth Fiegerman is (or he at least knows where to go to find them). In this post on Mashable Seth shows us exactly where we can go to see performance stats on our recent tweets – something that hasn’t always been available. If you use Twitter a lot, then this feature could be a goldmine for you!

Four More Ways to Crack the Keyword (not provided) Code

What’s a marketer to do without visibility into the keywords that are driving traffic to their site? KISSmetrics gives us some helpful hints in this post about how we can still make the most of our marketing efforts and also includes some insights on how to dissect Google search strings (for all you braves souls out there who love solving puzzles…)

15 Pearls of Wisdom From the Legendary David Ogilvy [SlideShare]

Ginny Soskey of HubSpot hit the nail right on the head when she put together these awesome “pearls of wisdom” from Mr. Ogilvy himself. Even if you don’t consider yourself the head marketer for your business, these are tips everyone in today’s tech savvy world should know. The SlideShare presentation provides a nice visual reference, too!

The New PR > How to Target Digital Influencers

You might have heard people talking over the past year or so about how “PR is dead”. Well, I don’t necessarily agree; but, if it is “dead”, then what are we supposed to do to build our brand and get people talking about us in a positive light? In this article, Anna Morrish from Zazzle gives us a few pointers on how to reach out to industry influencers who can help.

19 Tips for a Healthier Mind, Body and Start-up

Anyone who has started their own business knows what happens during the prep and launch period: pure madness! And once you’ve got your business off the ground that doesn’t necessarily equate to being in the clear. Check out this post on Under30CEO for some great tips on how to keep your mind, body, and your start-up functioning at their best!

We’ll continue trolling the web for you, so come back next week for another bonfire!

I hope you found at least one article here that provided you with information or tools you can apply to yourself or your business. If you did, then we’d love to hear about it in the comments section below!

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  • Bryan Knowlton

    This is a great idea. I have another one for ya!!! How about a monthly bonfire on Fiesta Island for locals and friends!!! Would be great with the fireworks, good company and all that!

    • http://www.entrepreneuronfire.com/ Entrepreneur On Fire

      I LOVE this idea, Bryan! Let’s do it! I was just wondering why I never make it a point to watch the Sea World fireworks…