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John Lee Dumas is the founder and host of EOFire, a daily Podcast where he interviews today's most successful Entrepreneurs.

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  • The top five ways to GROW and MONETIZE your Podcast audience
  • TWO SUPER HACKS that 99% of Podcasters are not doing that you should!
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Jacque Watkins

From confused and apprehensive, to confident and assertive, this podcast workshop delivered more content and inspiration than I ever expected! In fact, I returned three weeks in a row just to soak in all the wisdom flying my way. John offers more value in one hour than I could have gleaned from an entire book, and I can honestly say, without his help, I would not have the podcast I now offer to the world!

Jacque Watkins, Podcast: Mud Stories
Gina Kane

Nine months ago I joined in on John’s podcasting workshop. Since then, I have successfully launched two podcasts, that have made it amongst the top of New & Noteworthy in Itunes health category. Joining Podcasters Paradise has been like finding a family. Everyday we support each other, create new ideas and learn how to take our podcast beyond the ratings, and add real value to our audience. If you are even thinking about starting a podcast, you won’t want to miss the next webinar.

Gina Kane, Podcast: A second Chance
John Dennis

John's podcast workshop is LOADED with practical and real-world information that helped me launch my own podcast that is responsible for helping me grow a 5-figure per month business. If you're even thinking about starting a podcast, then John's free Podcast Workshop is a must-attend resource for you.

John Dennis, Podcast: Smart Time Online
Jaime Jay

I’m an avid fan of podcasting and continued education. I get all the education I could ever hope to get with this podcast workshop. I’m inspired to continue bringing great content to my listeners by learning all the tips I could have ever hoped to learn. I can take this information and plug it in immediately to my current show and I see results right away!

Jaime Jay, Podcast: Stop Riding the Pine