Yes! I'm ready to join the Facebook group!
Please read & acknowledge that you agree to the guidelines for the Private Facebook group:

1) I am ready to help support and provide constructive feedback to other Paradisers;

2) I know that this Facebook group is not a place for me to promote my podcast, products or services. 

I also understand that...

The Podcasters' Paradise Private Facebook group is a place for fellow Paradisers to:

     - Share valuable information,
     - Collaborate with other Paradise members, and
     - Provide others with constructive feedback on podcast-related topics. 

This is a community where you should feel comfortable sharing the struggles and challenges you face, as there are likely others who have already experienced the same thing in the past, who are currently experiencing it, or who will at some point experience it.

Likewise, you should feel comfortable sharing wins so that others in the community can learn more about what's working for you.


What’s a pitch?... “Check out my X, Y, Z and do A, B, C.”

This community is all about sharing valuable information in a way that can help others in the community.

This Facebook group was built specifically as a platform to help you build and grow your relationships with one another, not to help you advertise your podcast, products or services.

Examples of things you SHOULD post in the Facebook group:

     - Requests for feedback on the direction of your show, naming, artwork, etc;

     - Information-sharing (do not promote your own content);

     - Recommendations for equipment, software or other podcast-related tools;

     - Strategies or tactics you’re interested in implementing or that you’ve already implemented and would like to share your experience with the community;

     - The latest tips, tools and tactics in the podcasting world.

Examples of things you should NOT post in the Facebook group:

    - Asking others to rate & review your podcast (except for on Pay It Forward Friday);

   - Non-constructive feedback in response to someone else’s post;

    - Posts or comments that are un-related to podcasting and that don't add value to the community;

  - Links to sales pages, opt ins, offers, products or services you offer (or that are affiliate links);

  - Requests for others to like, share, comment on or promote your own content.

*We have the right to delete any content we feel does not follow these guidelines without prior notice or warning.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the guidelines listed above, please contact 

This will be a Private "closed" Facebook Group. Content posted in the group should remain within the group and should not be shared outside of the group.

Please note that due to Facebook settings, the group will be searchable on Facebook, meaning people can see the group and the members within if they choose to find it. However, the content within the group remains private and posts cannot be accessed by anyone who is not a member of the group. Each member must request access and be approved by an admin in order to join the group.

By clicking the link below and requesting access to the Podcasters' Paradise Private Facebook group, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to the guidelines listed above and that you will be respective and supportive of your community members at all times.

**PLEASE NOTE: It may take up to 48 hours for your Facebook request to be approved. If your Facebook name does not match the name your signed up with, please contact Jess so she's able to match your Facebook profile with your membership.
See you in Paradise!
By requesting access to the Private Facebook group I acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to the guidelines above
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