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Elijah Young

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Celest Horton –  Fire Nation Elite has been my “business partner” as I began this solo road of Entrepreneurship. I am only two months into my journey, yet the support and encouragement received by the group has been immeasurable. The group helped in voting (3 times!) which guided me to select my new logo and celebrated my victory of recording my first podcast. It also feels great to support and celebrate my fellow members. I really don’t know where my plans or preparation would be without the FNE community. Thank you Fire Nation Elite!



Andres – Fire Nation Elite has blown me away. When I joined I was skeptically excited – I was hoping for an inspiring group of people, but worried that the group would be filled with people simply pitching their own services. My expectations have been exceeded, a thousandfold! Fire Nation Elite is full of brilliant, generous, earnest and humble business people who are ambitious, motivated, active – and simultaneously interested in making sure every member of the group is taken care of and supported. Every member – whether entrepreneurial newbie, or experienced “old hand” – gives and receives in equal measure. I joined the group as a founding member, in the relatively early stages of developing my business. My vision was clear, but my work was cut out for me. I had done an incredible amount of research and reading, but I did not have a community of like-minded entrepreneurs with whom to discuss daily questions, successes and struggles. Fire Nation Elite has seen me develop my logo, tagline, website, branding, copy, marketing, and more. I feel as if I am growing alongside – as part of – the community, while watching my fellow members develop their businesses at the same time. Some of us are in similar stages, some are further along or just beginning their journeys, but it is exciting to become friends with everyone and watch as we each make progress. It’s been less than 2 months and I have already given and received more than I ever thought this group would yield. John and Kate have built a powerful group, which has organically turned into a truly inspiring, challenging (in a great way) and supportive community. Though, it is a tribute to their vision and thoughtfulness that the group truly has lived up to its billing of 100% support, in a completely non-fluffy way.


SandySandy Donovan – I’ll never forget the day I made my first sale. I immediately started texting everyone I knew. To my disappointment, the responses I received went something like this, “Congratulations! Who was it?” People assumed it must have been my mother, an aunt, a friend… anyone except a real customer. Although my friends tried their best to be supportive, I knew I needed something more. I wanted to find like minded individuals that were headed down the same path I was, or who were already there. I wanted to surround myself with individuals that believed they could control their own destiny and build their life. Around that time, Fire Nation Elite was forming. Since I listened to EOFire every morning, I knew this mastermind group would be a good fit. To my delight, I was accepted. Here, I found not only the emotional support I needed, but also inside information about tools, software and best practices that my friends in the corporate world just couldn’t provide me with. After implementing some of the advice I received from other FNE members and guests that have come to chat with the group, my company’s fan page on Facebook increased “Likes” by 101% and my daily sales increased by approximately 150%.This was all in less than 6 weeks. What it comes down to is, what ones experiences become one’s reality. By interacting with successful entrepreneurs every day, it became only natural do the things they did that made them successful. It made that leap into entrepreneurialism a little less scary and a little more realistic. I still have a long way to go, but at least now I know I have support 100% of the way.


AustinAustin Netzley – Jim Rohn says, “You are the average of the 5 people that you spend the most time with.” Since I listen to EOFire every single day, John Lee Dumas is one of those 5 people in my group. So, I joined FireNationElite to ignite my side business along with my new “friend”, John. I started in the Tribe with the idea of creating a podcast to help young professionals excel in the corporate world. But, after I shared my story, my interests, and skills with the FNE mastermind, they quickly all helped me understand how unique some of my interests are, and how I can take a different, but even better, route to success with an alternative podcast topic. So, I pivoted, and am now developing a podcast to motivate and teach young professionals how to take control of and grow their personal finances – my specialty. This aligns perfectly with my long term interests, knowledge set and “side” (not for long) business. By joining FNE, I have been able to get the necessary feedback from experienced and unselfish advisers before I moved too far down the less attractive path. So, I challenge you. Who is in your group of 5? FireNationElite will without a doubt boost you and your business to heights that you cannot imagine. The motivation, the feedback, the ideas and the relationships are all absolutely priceless. My success story is one in progress. But thanks to FNE, I have no doubt that it will be sooner rather than later. Come share your story and get to know the Tribe on Facebook!


PamelaPamela Levin – Being a part of the Founding 50 of FNE has truly been an educational and inspiring experience for me. As a new entrepreneur, I was able to learn from so many others who have already paved the path of initial success in creating a business they are passionate about. A great resource has been the response from other FNE members who kindly responded to my CTA questionnaire. Their responses/feedback will help guide me to create an audience-driven website overlay-ed with my “own flair”. I also feel fortunate to help others with ideas, suggestions of my own because creative collaboration is key to creating positive change! Thank you FNE!



Mike Kawula – Self Employed King. Fire Nation Elite Rocks! The energy, feedback & support is exactly what I was looking for. So inspiring watching new friends who aren’t in business yet become ignited and starting their first business so fast. The connections and assistance is awesome. You have people from all walks of life like accountants, lawyers, designers and more offering their support & services for free to each other. This has been priceless as an Entrepreneur. I wish something like Fire Nation Elite was available 10 years ago when I started my first business, but I’m glad its around now. Fire Nation Elite Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! You’re Koalafied!


Roger GravesRoger Graves – I have been a member of Fire Nation Elite Mastermind for over three months and I’m loving it every single day! The biggest part for me is being in daily contact with amazing people and like-minded entrepreneurs. For a long time, I listened to podcasts and worked on websites, but pretty much I was all alone. It was like a new day had dawned when I started connecting with truly wonderful people. It has become my entrepreneurial support group! Thank you John and Kate for being such wonderful hosts and being so supportive and helpful. I honestly cannot imagine this journey without Fire Nation Elite! I am on FIRE!