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The fire path

A Beginner's guide to
growing your online business

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You know you want to create an online business that
makes an BIG impact & generates revenue,
but you're not sure where to start or how to get there.


The Fire Path Course is a beginner's guide to growing your online business: a deep dive that gives you a behind-the-scenes look at how to find your perfect customer, grow your audience, and monetize your online business.

These are the exact steps we took to grow EOFire from nothing to a
million-dollar business in less than two years.

Do any of these struggles sound familiar?

- You know you have a message to share, but you don't feel like it's reaching anyone;

- You've been working SO HARD, but you feel like you have little to show for it;

- You're feeling overwhelmed and wondering what the next most important step to take is;

- You have a vision, but given everything you've already tried, you're worried you'll never accomplish it.

If so, then The Fire Path Course is for you.

Ready to cut through the noise and focus on only the most integral next step 
that will help you move 1 step forward instead of 2 steps back?

We'll share proven steps

so you can find...

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your ideal customer

and as a result start to...

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grow your 

in order to finally...

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monetize your online business



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"I'm finally learning how I can best use my skills to help people, and I've found a way to put my skills together that feels right for me!

The Fire Path Course really helped me get on that path; now I'm actually booking paid clients and building my online presence!

Christine Rose Elle

What will the Course cover?
We have 3 main phases on the fire path that make up 16 lessons as outlined below


Finding your perfect customer

Let's get straight to it: until you've found your business idea, defined your perfect customer (or avatar), niched into a specific market and learned how to build and grow relationships, you're going to struggle with growing your audience. That's why the first part of our journey is focused on the foundation of your business.



Growing your audience

Now that we've got a strong foundation set, the next part of our journey will include specific examples on how to actually grow your audience. Not sure what goes into your platform, how to build an email list, how to leverage joint opportunities, or how to gain more exposure and momentum for your business? We've got you covered.



Monetizing your online business

The last leg of our journey will cover how to turn your audience into paying customers with info on product and service creation, leveraging webinars in your business, and top tactics for promoting and marketing your products & services on an ongoing basis.

If you're ready to create the freedom in your life you've always wanted, then now is the time to do it!


start making moves today!
Make an impact and start growing & monetizing your business on The fire path.

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