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Learn How to Create and Present a Webinar that Converts!

Watch our Streaming Webinar Workshop today!

Watch our Streaming Webinar Workshop today!

About us

Over the past 9 months, EntrepreneurOnFire has generated nearly $1 million in sales for our flagship product, Podcasters’ Paradise.

Over 87% of those sales happened on a live Webinar.

But how?

Every week we hold a free, live Webinar that provides massive value to both new and experienced podcasters, along with an intro to our community, Podcasters’ Paradise.

On those live Webinars, we’ve found that we have incredible success in welcoming new members into our community. We also found that there were several attendees who were very interested in learning more about our setup and how we actually conduct our Webinars.

Our attendees had questions like....

  • How do you come up with the idea to create this product?
  • How did you create this Webinar presentation?
  • What platform are you using to deliver this Webinar?
  • Can I do a Webinar for my business?
  • Where do I start if I want to host my own live Webinars?

Those questions are what drove us to create WebinarOnFire.

The Webinar on Fire Story

What is WebinarOnFire?

In short, WebinarOnFire teaches you how to create and present a webinar that converts.

Whether you’re trying to grow your audience, gain credibility and authority in your niche, build trust with your audience, or squash those barriers that have kept your potential customers from making a buying decision, we’ve got videos that will help you create and present a Webinar that converts – step 1 to step done.

The WebinarOnFire course is broken up into 4 sections:

Section 1

Getting Started

In this section we talk about setting goals, deciding on a Webinar topic and format, and getting everything in place that you’ll need to support your Webinar, including your email reminder and follow up sequence.

Section 2

Create your webinar

In this section we talk about drawing out your presentation, design tips for your slides, and how to actually get people to sign up for your Webinar.

Section 3

Prepare your webinar

In this section we walk through how to set up your Webinar using Google+ Hangouts On Air, YouTube and LeadPages to stream your Webinar to an unlimited number of attendees.

Section 4

Present your Webinar

This is the section where we have presentation techniques and the entire Webinar process recorded from beginning to end, including a post-webinar checklist.



We also have a Resources tab that lists out the software and programs you’ll need to create and present a Webinar that converts.


Check out how WebinarOnFire helped Mark understand how to build, structure and execute a killer Webinar!

- Mark Lack, The Peak Performance Club

WebinarOnFire has helped Claire launch 2 products via webinars that have netted her approximately $100,000 in just two months!

- Claire Mitchell, The Girls Mean Business

Ready to rock your own Webinars?

We’re so confident about WebinarOnFire that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee - no questions asked!

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